The Advantages for SEO of using WordPress for your Internet Content – Part 2

The Advantages for SEO of using WordPress for your Internet Content – Part 2

  1. Making use of categories along with tags

The main features of categories and tags are to assist website visitors in finding your website promptly, which will help you to attain a better search ranking on Google (if you maximize this effectively). Essentially, categories are tables for your articles and tags are an index that assists a search engine to comprehend your website’s subject swiftly.

Both the categories and the tags give assistance in producing a much better framework and they enable Google to see them while indexing the articles on your WordPress website. So it is a wonderful concept making sure that you have all the subcategories in addition to a well-structured endorsement that makes it straightforward for the online search engine spiders to view your material.

A charity specializing in dyslexia testing and Meares Irlen Syndrome in children might have a website packed with help and advice on online testing, coloured tinted lenses and visual stress and for the internet search engines to be able to find this information, it is worthwhile to set up clear categories and tags for each article.


To set up categories, you will absolutely need to go to Posts → Categories and Tags → Labels.

You could use the best methods to improve the categories and tags in WordPress to benefit SEO.

  1. Straightforward code

The structure of the coding behind WordPress has to be straightforward and tidy, allowing the internet search engine spiders to index your website quickly. As it is an open source system with content marketing importance, there are constant modifications for security as well as performance so that Google as well as other online search engines can position your website higher up the SERP with a better domain authority.

WordPress currently does well on this score, making certain that you establish the site well.

  1. Optimization of Images for SEO

If you want to direct a lot more web traffic to your website, you should think about picture optimization. It is one of the essential aspects of exceptional SEO.

Picture optimization involves setting up eye-catching picture titles along with alt text to make sure that you enhance your exposure on Google and other internet search engines. WordPress makes it simple to add titles along with alt text on your pictures when you submit them to its CMS, making certain that image optimization has the best features outlined.

A business networking group in Essex may have a website with pictures and illustrations of the importance of networking with like minded business people to gain referrals for your company and ensuring that pictures are completely optimized will definitely help SEO and the positioning of your site on Google.

  1. Linking with connected articles

You can allow the online search engines to find older articles swiftly making use of the related posts plugin. This is a superb WordPress plugin that can assist you to connect up with appropriate write-ups within your new material, consequently boosting your SEO abilities swiftly.


The plugin makes it extremely easy to incorporate relevant articles in your internet content, re-ordering connected blog posts via drag and drop, without developing any more coding.

There are numerous other factors in WordPress SEO:

( a) As Google likes to see fast-loading internet sites, WordPress makes it very easy for you to increase your download speeds by:

Compacting the CSS and JS documents

Reducing HTTP demands

Enhancing image document dimensions

Utilizing Caching

Making use of CDN alternatives

Updating the core WordPress, developed styles and plugins on a regular basis

( b) WordPress allows you to create brand-new web pages with fresh, upgraded material in order to assist improved placements on SERPs.

( c) If you fail to remember to enhance the permalink of an existing/older message, you might adjust it making it a more appropriate and search engine-friendly web link.

To evade a 404 oversight, you can have a 301 long-lasting redirect to the older variation of your write-up. This will certainly reroute your website visitors along with the internet search engines to the brand-new internet link, which consequently will enhance your pageviews.


If you utilize WordPress as your Content Marketing System (CMS), these suggestions should absolutely help you to use it in one of the most relied upon ways to enhance your search position.

You need to recognize the out-of-the-box WordPress SEO functions and strategies to get more out of them and also you may produce more top-notch website traffic to your website.

Adjusted from a review in Search Engine Watch

The SEO benefits of using WordPress to publish your content