Public Relations and Content Marketing: The Inevitable Marriage

PR and Content Marketing: The Inevitable Marriage


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As opposed to popular belief, the world before the internet was not the Dark Ages of advertising. Standard techniques succeeded (and still do). Collaborating with a public relations professional offered you opportunities to get in touch with journalists and publishers.

But the more things change, the more they remain the same.

Blogging as well as social media increased along with the new culture of technology start-ups and changed the way firms looked for attention. Startups took their hacker mentality and also used it for advertising. With that said, growth hacking was born.

Growth hackers established their very own approaches for obtaining the interest of big-name blog sites, the conventional media, and their best audience. The approaches included making use of SEO social media, and also content marketing.

Now every person is a media developer. Naturally, that decreases the obstacle to entry. If you can develop your own media, would you not require reporters to do it for you?

If that were true, then the Public Relations market would certainly be unimportant. But, that’s not what has actually taken place. Now there’s even more need for it.

If you are a web designer in and around London and the Home Counties you may be very good at designing websites for doctors, opticians or psychiatrists. You may write interesting articles and take information from medical journals about anxiety disorders or phobias or bereavement.

Websites for opticians may be promoting the sale of designer glasses with brands such as Ray-Ban or Giorgio Armani, you may also want to give factual information about eye tests, eye conditions or specialist tests such as colour dyslexia tests.

But Public Relations still links you with media gatekeepers, but it uses other techniques than in the days when traditional advertising was standard. It’s needed to change to equal new types of advertising as well as the methods of changing roles, like growth hackers. But don’t be deceived. Public Relations is not going anywhere.


The New Digital Face of Public Relations

Public Relations is developing quickly to stay up to date with the times:

Public Relations experts connect with reporters differently. Gone are the days of just hustling on the phone. Every journalist has their own way of communication. Some still choose telephone calls, while others would rather have press agents tweet them a brand-new story or send them an email.

Public Relations experts have to work harder with all the other noise online.

Public Relations specialists require a larger contact list. Breaking a news story is not now down to reporters. News often breaks first on blogs or on Twitter. To keep up with these changes, Public Relations professionals have to construct connections with influencers on brand-new media, along with keeping their old contacts in the old world of standard journalism.

Traditional methods of advertising like distributing leaflets around London still have their place but the way leaflets are designed and the graphics used need to make use of modern technology to produce superior marketing material.

Publicists are taking advantage of new modern technology. Rather than hosting an interview, businesses now could get their message across with Twitter and Facebook. Press agents need to utilize these social devices not only for amplification but likewise for listening.

Most essential of all, publicists are forming the material that’s created online. The best Public Relations companies are producing as well as placing the tales worth telling.

PR and material advertising and marketing have actually amalgamated and are developing a lasting relationship.

Why Material Marketing Demands PR (and the other way around)

If we’re all material developers these days, why do we need Public Relations? The simple fact that we’re all content creators makes Public Relations more important than ever.

Great advertising, whether that’s content marketing or PR, is about making your brand name visible. It means getting your brand name in front of the right people.

The way we communicate has altered, but individuals, at a basic level, haven’t changed. We’ve all still got only 24 hours in a day, and also a restricted amount of attention.

With a lot of content being developed online, it is harder to stand out. That’s why content advertising needs Public Relations behind it to prosper. Unless your content is being viewed by possible customers, it will be not doing anything.

Your website needs to stand out from the rest with a high PageRank. It needs to appear at the top of google search engines with a high domain authority so your website is chosen above all others and SEO professionals can help with tips to achieve this.

So exactly how can you attract attention?

Material advertising is the means forward, but only if you’re producing noticeable content. To be noticeable, your material should be either released on a significant blog or associated with influencers. That’s why content advertising requires PR.

A lot better together: Why PR and also Content Marketing are a Powerful Mix

For material to produce the greatest splash, it needs to be backed up by a solid PR campaign. On the other hand, the Public Relations world is embracing material marketing as one of the tools of its profession. Great material suggests excellent stories, but Public Relations professionals that ignore that fact will do below-par work for their customers.

So why are PR and content marketing better with each other?

Public Relations is everything about connecting to the right people. Public Relations professionals create and also maintain connections with publishers, journalists and influencers.

Content advertising and marketing is about acquiring focus by telling amazing tales. When you create material that amuses your audience, it gets shared and can go viral.

Combine Public Relations and also material advertising and you’re placing stories right into the hands of publishers, reporters, as well as influencers. They could offer your material that effective boost to go viral. In addition to that, the more top quality material you create, the much easier you’ll find it is to obtain the attention of editors. They might even have discovered your material before you communicate.

As Public Relations expert Sian Gaskell says, Public Relations agencies are now the “custodians of content” for the brands they represent. It’s always been up to them to create interesting stories. They are the original growth hackers, finding faster ways to gain attention. Material marketing simply means they have to be much better at what they do.

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