Optometrists - Galsses
Optometrists – Galsses

Optometrists look at the eyes and diagnose and treat problems with eyesight, diseases, injuries and various other problems that can occur with the eyes. They may recommend glasses or contact lenses if necessary and for the fashion conscious they probably have a fine display of Ray-Ban prescription glasses to choose from too.

Many optometrists work in opticians. But some optometrists may work in surgeries, retail outlets, outpatient facilities or local hospitals. Optometrists may also work outside of normal office hours as and when they are needed.

Optometrists are distinctly qualified to take care of functional vision problems and any other problems with vision which may impact on reading and writing or looking at a computer screen.

As a parent of young children, you may be concerned that your child has a problem with their eyesight or you may feel a dyslexia test should be carried out on your child. Click here for more information about a dyslexia test.

Eye examinations for children are incredibly important considering that up to 25 per cent of children may have problems with their eyesight. If these problems are spotted early then they can often be treated successfully.

For children at school, an eye test could be advisable at least every 2 years if there has previously been no history of any problems. Children that wear glasses or contact lenses should see an optometrist more frequently.

If you don’t have your own optometrist, search online for optometrist London and the first page of google should bring up a selection to choose from.

Optometrists and chefs


A chef proudly shows his glasses
A chef proudly shows his glasses

Eye sight is extremely important for everything we do and particularly so for a chef. Chefs are very highly knowledgeable cooks who are experts in all areas of preparing food. Ideally all chefs would like their working area to be as clean and smart as kitchen showrooms are. However this is not always the case.

Excellent food hygiene is essential to make sure that food is safe to eat. Chefs would absolutely not wish to be contacted by solicitors in London or a health employment law solicitor as a result of poor food hygiene having caused food poisoning.

So whatever profession you are in, be sure to visit optometrists regularly.

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