Max Born and SEO

Maximum Born

Max Born, born Breslau, Ger. [now Wrocław, Poland.]– died Jan. 5, 1970, Göttingen, W. Ger.), German physicist who shared the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1954 with Walther Bothe for his probabilistic analysis of quantum mechanics.

Born originated from an upper-middle-class, assimilated, Jewish family. Initially he was considered too frail to attend public school, so he was tutored at home prior to being permitted to attend the König Wilhelm Gymnasium in Breslau. After that he continued his studies in physics and mathematics at universities in Breslau, Heidelberg, Zurich, and Göttingen. At the University of Göttingenn he wrote his dissertation (1906), on the security of elastic wires and tapes, under the direction of the mathematician Felix Klein, for which he was granted a doctorate in 1907.

In 1919 Born was selected to a full professorship at the University of Frankfurt am Main, and in 1921 he accepted the position of professor of theoretical physics at the University of Göttingen.

Born continued to be at Göttingen up until April 1933, when all Jews were dismissed from their scholastic posts in Germany. Born and his family went to England, where he accepted a temporary lectureship at Cambridge. In 1936 he was selected Tait Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. He ended up being a British resident in 1939 and remained at Edinburgh till his retirement in 1953. The next year, he and his partner transferred to Bad Pyrmont, a small health facility town near Göttingen.

SEO and Max Born

Positioning on Google – Relevance and Reputation – Total Web Page Reputation (TPR).

We know that positioning of a webpage depends on relevance and reputation (also called authority or appeal) (GoogleWebmasterHelp – Matt Cutts Video). Relevance relies on the words on the website and in the anchor (linking) text to the page. Google likewise takes a look at related words – latent semantic indexing.

The reputation of a webpage for ranking purposes can be determined as its overall websites reputation (TPR).


PR is the PageRank of the page.
HPR is the PageRank of the website’s HomePage.
and BPR is the boost in the efficient HomePage PageRank to 4.5 IF THE HOMEPAGE OF THE WEBSITE IS COMPETING FOR THE KEYWORD.

The method of computing the Total Page Reputation for a webpage (TPR) is basic and without charge.

Likewise, the strategy for calculating the typical Total Page Reputation of the webpages on the top page of Google for a keyword and discovering the average as the best keyword difficulty tool available is easy to do and can be done without fee. Nevertheless, it is time consuming (about 10 minutes per keyword). For those who need to examine a list of keywords, an automated program – Keyword SEO Pro – is readily available on monthly subscription.


Example Keywords and TPR – Total Page Reputation


Four keywords have Total Page Reputation Keyword Difficulty in the Red Zone – Cosmetic dentist, MRgFUS (magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound), wills. These require average HomePage PageRanks above 5 and associate Page PageRanks of at least 3. Only a tiny proportion of SME websites achieve a HomePage PageRank of even 4 and PageRank is on a logarithmic scale. Red Zone keywords are effectively out of range form most SME websites.

By adding a location to a keyword, TPR keyword difficulty is generally lower and relates to population size. Cosmetic dentist London has a TPR-KD of 6.5 and cosmetic dentist Finchley has a TPR-KD of 5.5. Similarly, London wills has a TPR-KD of 8.4 and Plymouth wills have keyword difficulties of 8.4 and 5.1 respectively. Plymouth wills would need appropriate on-page optimisation and just a few quality incoming links with the keyword in the anchor text.

Last Will and Testament Document Ready to Sign. Last Will Document and Fountain Pen Closeup Photo.
Eye ware Prague

Prescription Glasses has a Blue Zone keyword difficulty – achievable with accumulation of a moderate amount of link power acquisition. The brand name Ray-Ban has a Red Zone Keyword Difficulty but Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses has a relatively low TPR-KD of 5.6 – in the Green Zone. Commercial cleaners London is in the Green Zone with a TPR-KD of 6.5 which is similar to that for cosmetic dentist London.

For those wishing to have there website created or upgraded to improve targeted visitor numbers, it is advisable to speak with a local SEO expert – Google ‘seo Essex‘ if you are in the Essex area. If you are undertaking the SEO work yourself, consider going on SEO courses: Search for seo courses in London if you are in the London area.