It is sometimes said that the key to a good day is a good night’s sleep. Choosing the right bed and mattress is vital if you want to sleep well and be happy and productive the next day. Whether you purchase a bed from a specialist store, home furniture store or online comes down to personal shopping habits, but an increasing number of large house-hold furniture is sold online. It allows retailers to reduce overheads without having the cost of large showrooms. However, would you be comfortable purchasing a mattress to sleep on for the next few years without trying it out first?

There are so many different types of mattress to choose from and similar compositions often feel very different from one brand to the next. Whilst big discounts are available with online purchasing, it is still a gamble unless you’ve managed to try the mattress in advance. Online stores know this and usually offer a return or replacement service in the first 30 days, but with the hassle of arranging deliveries, staying home until they arrive and the potential for damage when they are delivered and taken away, many people will suffer in silence rather than change their mattress again quickly.

Key Word Difficulty and Best Keyword Difficulty Tool.

None-the-less, online marketing for furniture and large purchases is still growing at a steady pace. Shops and retailers compete for business by attracting visitors to their websites through online marketing, advertising and reaching the top of Search Engines through various search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques.. 90% of internet searches are run through Google and to feature at the top of Google depends on how it ranks your website in terms of relevance and authority on the search people type in.

The authority of a webpage is its PageRank with the authority of a website best indicated by its HomePage PageRank. There is also a boost in PageRank to a minimum of 4.5 for HomePages competing for a specific keyword.

This can be shown by Total WebPage Authority = PR + HPR + BPR*

We believe the best program to help you get high rankings on Google is Keyword SEO Pro. It calculates uniquely the Keyword Difficulty by finding the average Total WebPage Authority of webpages at the top page of Google for each of a list of keywords.


Three of the keywords are in the Total Page Reputation – Keyword Difficulty Red Zone: Kitchens, Eurovision song contest and schlager party. These sites have an average HomePage PageRanks of more than five. Rarely do SME websites achieve HomePage PageRank of more than four and PageRank is on a logarithmic scale. These keywords are therefore out of reach for SME Websites.

Total Page Reputation Keyword Difficulty – Blue Zone Keywords

Luxury kitchens is a Blue Zone TPR-KD  at 6.7; this is in the mid range of the Blue Zone and considerable link power acquisition would be required for a website to achieve top page positioning on Google. By competing in a narrower search parameter, for example luxury kitchens rather than kitchens, the difficulty in reaching a high position on Google reduces significantly, with a total page rank of 6.7 rather than 8.5.

Total Page Reputation Keyword Difficulty – Green Zone Keywords

Keywords in the Green Zone require considerably less link power for top page positioning. Family solicitors London is perhaps surprisingly a low keyword difficulty keyword at 6.4, the same as probate Plymouth. Comparing  keywords in the Green Zone, Tom Ford Glasses would be more difficult to rank for (TPR-KD 6.1) than car cleaning Essex (TPR-KD 4.8) If the lower the keyword difficulty level, the lower the cost should be to achieve high Google rankings for your desired search option. Looking at some of the other key word checks, Business networking Chigwell has a very low keyword difficulty for  at 3.9. If sleep becomes a problem and ends in increasing numbers of rows with your partner, you could search for Family lawyers North London with a TPR-KW of a relatively low 6.2 compared to a national Family Lawyer search.


PR = Page Rank
HPR = HomePage PageRank
BPR is the boost applied to the effective PageRank of a HomePage that is competing for a keyword to a minimum of 4.5