Kitchen worktops

The kitchen worktop is potentially the most crucial feature to ‘get right’ within your kitchen area as it will frequently have contact with things like water, fat,  oils, hot saucepans and knives that could damage it.

Worktops can be made from a variety of products and if you visit kitchen showrooms you will see a wide range on display.

Laminate worktops are probably the cheapest worktops but still very popular and come in a variety of colours and finishes.

Granite or marble worktops

These natural stones are frequently used for worktops. They are remarkably durable and offered in a comprehensive assortment of shades. As they are completely natural, no two bits of stone will be the same.

Marble has a tendency to be much more porous and more care is needed to prevent stains.

Stainless steel worktops

With a commercial look that is hygienic and durable, stainless steel will make a statement in your home.

Glass worktops

Glass worktops are stylish, produce a very modern-day feel and are available in any shade.

Solid Wood worktops


All solid woods are hard wearing and can be repaired if damaged. They have a warmth in look and feel that is very different to any man-made surface.

You certainly wouldn’t change your kitchen worktops as frequently as you may change your Prada glasses so it is worth investing time in getting it right first time.

Kitchen experts


Many companies that do loft conversion work would also revamp, extend and fit new kitchens. If you are looking for a list of builders to get quotes from search online for loft conversion Essex or new kitchens Essex for your local area.

Good websites may have been designed by professional web designers who would make use of the keyword tool and these sites would appear nearer the top of google lists.

Kitchen companies also advertise via door to door distribution so it is sometimes worth looking at the ‘junk’ mail that comes through the letterbox.

Offices have kitchens too so whether you write Plymouth wills in a solicitor’s office or facilitate a dyslexia test online in an optician’s surgery, kitchen worktops are a vital part of the kitchen area and should be chosen with care.