iPhone 6 review and the designer experience

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ have already caused quite a stir since being launched a little over a month ago. For the first time, Apple are going head to head with rivals Samsung with the larger handset formats.  Innovation and technology media have had a field day reviewing the new handsets. So has Apple come down on the side of innovation or a development of the phone’s capability to deliver better multimedia merely as a progression of what came before?

The iPhone curves into the edges, making it more comfortable to hold and typing is much easier because of the wider phone allowing a wider keyboard on the touchpad screen. Overall, reports suggest the phone is bigger and better than its predecessors however there’s little in terms of technological leaps. It’s a progression of previous models in Apple’s mobile phone range rather than a leap in mobile technology that the initial iPhone created. The slick design of the glass front is also highly attractive. The iPhone 6 has a screen dimension of 4.7inches, 1334x750px screen, making it easier to type with and easier to play with apps and photographic tinkering.

The verge created a fantastic video review making the most of their multimedia skills to show off some of the new iPhone 6 features and how it differs from previous iPhones. you can watch it here:
You can also read Ewan Spence’s review of the new Iphone6 in his Forbes blog here.

The iPhone remains a luxury product in the mobile telecommunications market but in the UK it remains far more expensive than in the USA. As a result, most phone operators offer a 0% two year loan to cover the cost of the device. Apple’s last upgrade saw the launch of the iPhone 5c which was made with cheaper materials and offered a less expensive product offering but it was poorly perceived by consumers and sales were disappointing. Like designer clothes, designer glasses and other luxury goods, people purchasing Apple items expect quality every time.

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Loft Conversion Hertfordshire
Loft Conversion Hertfordshire

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