Innovative stink for divorce solicitors and family lawyers

Divorce Solicitors London
Divorce Solicitors London

January is always the busiest time for divorce lawyers of year. Many people start divorce proceedings after the holiday season. As more and more people turn to divorce, there is increasing innovation in the reasons given as grounds for separation. People seem determined to dissolve marriages and go through divorce for far less drastic reasons that adultery or violence.

Layla Babadi, a family law solicitor lawyer and Partner at Mood and Woolley Solicitors. She claims customers can be found in with all sorts of factors for wanting to split. Among one of the most remarkable grievances she has actually heard came from a hubby that claimed his better half’s smelly feet were grounds for divorce.

She has received 20 calls from people wanting a separation in December and already sixty more have actually already got in touch so far this month.

“January is easily the busiest month for divorce lawyers for various reasons. Clients stay together over Christmas because they don’t want animosity, but then they want a fresh start to the year and think a divorce is a good idea. Resolutions kick in, and people feel braver.

“I expect around 80 people to come forward by the end of the month and I think we would already have instructed a divorce for around 40 of them by then. “To have three times as many people coming to us is brilliant from our point of view but it’s sad. I want to stress that we always present our clients with options to help them resolve their problems – we never just say, ‘get a divorce’, straight away.


It is a busy time for divorce lawyers and family law solicitors across London. The factors for divorce are divided into a range of categories that include unreasonable behaviour adultery, desertion and long separation periods. Many people that would get a word of mouth recommendation for any other kind of lawyer often turn to Google and look for a solicitor in their area that comes up on the first page on Google when seeking divorce advice. A well advertised divorce lawyer in London might do well from new business found from their online marketing efforts at this time of year.

Where there are children or wider family involved, couples usually work harder to avoid a long drawn out divorce in the courts, although this can have the opposite outcome when adultery is the grounds for divorce. In these cases, a well-respected family law solicitor might expect to work with the couple to ensure the least possible stress for the children involved in the marriage break-up. Again, achieving a place on the first page on Google might help them attract customers if they are new to the area or recently qualified in family law.

80% of the covers taken care of by Moody and Woolley Solicitors are for unreasonable behaviour, while 10 each cent are for infidelity and also a two-year splitting up. So far, smelly feet does not constitute a number worthy of a percentage mention.