Innovation in call handling media

Call answering Service
Call answering Service

How many small business owners stress over missing out on new clients or repeat company because they can’t always be available to take calls from existing and new customers?

Telecom innovation has moved along way since Alexander Graham Bell invented a contraption that we know so well. Mobile and internet technology has revolutionised not just the way in which we take telephone calls and communicate with customers, it has also revolutionised customer expectations. Many customers will search for a product or service they want on Google. They will go through the results on the first page of a Google search and select their choice of options to call. If you miss that call, they are less likely to leave a message or contact details than a decade ago. If they do, you may find that they’ve already spoken to a competitor and given them their business.

Having a devoted human answering solution that could do a lot a lot more will certainly supply added value to your company as well as offer a considerably a lot more individual impression to your customers and also new leads. Companies such as Zebra Communications offer a service that answers your phone when you cant, take contact information, answer questions that the caller might have as they get to know your business, book in sales appointments and manage diary entries on your behalf. Their essential telephone answering service can make the difference between growing your business and losing business.


These services reduce costs for small businesses that cannot afford a receptionist or office manager. A small business that provides loft conversions and loft extensions might have several staff working on site but only the company manager takes calls from clients. If he is unavailable, a potential new customer with a several thousand pound potential project may go elsewhere and arrange a sales meeting with a rival. This would cost the loft conversion specialist a sizeable amount in a missed opportunity, and could mean that staff are not utilised for a several week period, meaning that wages are paid in a period with no income.

Innovation with telephone call answering services also mean that single worker businesses across the country can work with clients undisturbed by calls, secure in the knowledge that they are not missing out on new business or missing clients that may need to reschedule. Private physiotherapists, life coaches, psychiatrists, chiropodists, personal trainers and beauticians would not want to be disturbed when working with a client. Call answering services allow a Bristol physio to work uninterrupted or a psychiatrist in Loughton to go into session without fear of what they might be missing as they work.
Call management companies can service clients anywhere in the country and there are plenty of UK based companies that are competitive against international and Far East call centres. A professional life coach in Stevenage could use the same service as an independent private eye in London who is out researching an investigation. Private eye companies would need the service to sound authentic, as customers would not want to feel that they are talking to a call centre.

The innovation of the call answering service makes full use of modern media tools to enable businesses to maintain contact with customers, retain new sales leads and grow their business.