Innovation and media developments in Business Outsourcing

Innovative Business Outsourcing
Innovative Business Outsourcing

Innovative Media business solutions are increasingly finding new ways to allow businesses to boost efficiency by outsourcing work to skilled providers. It’s especially useful to new businesses that have skill gaps between starting up and getting to a position where they can take on enough staff to fill them.

For people running their own company alone, it is vitally important not to lose out on new business and to satisfy existing customers. Without an assistant or front desk staff to take calls, talk to consumers and develop connections when new enquiries come in, important growth potential is lost. With a high proportion of businesses folding within their first three years, outsourcing call management to a virtual PA or call handling company can make all the difference.

Here’s how outsourcing can benefit your small business


Virtual PA and call management companies can answer calls, book sales and diary appointments, and take vital client information that can lead to business, passing it onto the person that will deal with them. A call handling service such as Zebra Connections can also help single worker businesses such as professional service providers, consultants, life coaches, physiotherapists, hypnotherapists and personal trainers who can’t answer calls when in session with clients.

outsourcing call handlingInnovative media solutions such as virtual Pas or call handling companies operate call centres where dedicated teams can be assigned to specific businesses or business service areas. So a call answered for a private psychiatrist in London might be handled by a person with an interest in psychiatry or medical secretarial person who can talk to prospective patients about their symptoms and pass on valuable notes to the doctor as well as book in sessions. They can service calls from anywhere in the country, so the same person can manage calls from a Bristol sports massage specialist or a qualified life coach in Stevenage. If that call hander is on a call, another member of the team answers if a second call comes in at the same time, fully briefed on how to answer on-brand and with access to the same systems.

A legal secretary might be employed by a company offering outsourced business solutions to law firms. A call handler would be able to answer generic questions for a family lawyer solicitor in London or a company offering power of attorney in Plymouth.

These economical and efficiency providing services range in service quality and price, but thanks to the innovation speed in modern technology, prices are being forced down through competition and constant innovation. The best way to find services such as these is through a Google search, including your business field, language and specific requirements. Evaluate the companies that appear at the top of your search. For more information about how companies get to the first page on google, click here.