Election year decisions for loft conversion companies & small business

2015 is a general election year in the United Kingdom and for people that own a small business or are self-employed; decisions will have to be made about whom to vote for. The two most likely parties to form the next government are The Conservatives and Labour and both parties will attempt to woo business owners. The Parties will once again use innovative systems to try to sign-up support and engage voters. It may well be decided by the economic climate allowing innovation and regeneration to fuel the UK economy into the lead when it comes to growth in Europe

The Labour Party presided over the end of one of the strongest periods of economic growth in modern British history and the economy sank to one of the worst ever recessions. Many small businesses folded, particularly in the construction sector where building companies and loft conversion companies found work thin on the ground, Likewise, home renovation firms such as fitted bedroom, bathroom and kitchen companies struggled to find enough customers that would part with large amounts of money to spend on their homes with job insecurity a constant problem.

Loft conversion
Loft conversion

In the last five years, the economy has returned to steady growth under the Conservatives has seen a return to home improvements and local roofing and loft conversion companies are once again seeing increasing numbers of jobs. Many are taking on staff and those that lost their jobs are searching for work and finding it. Good loft conversion companies in Essex and the Home Counties are once again expanding or working at near capacity.

As small businesses such as loft conversion companies grow, they also need to take on staff to handle calls and deal with increased administration. With planning permission work, designs, architect communications, as well as general office management duties, many companies take on part time or temporary staff at busy times. There is also the option to outsource tasks such as telephone call handling, diary management and website management. The Conservative Party is typically seen as the party of small business and innovation and many service provision companies have grown up in the last five years. 760,000 more businesses are operating than when they came to office in 2010. Companies offering call handling and diary management provide simple office services and are financially more beneficial than taking on office staff for many.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) companies have also increased in number and profitability greatly in recent years. Getting to the first page on Google for key search terms is vital if a company’s online marketing efforts are to be rewarded. There are many ways to improve search engine positioning but it is increasingly proven that finding a local SEO expert agency provides benefit when it comes to delivering relevant content and expanding website influence.

Whatever the outcome of the election, expect online marketing and SEO agencies to continue to expand in size and importance in the lifetime of the next parliament.