E-Cigarettes and quitting smoking

E-Cigarettes and quitting smoking

A battle has begun in the Welsh Assembly to ban e-cigarettes from public places. Smoking is one of the largest killers of the population in the United Kingdom. There are many tools to help smokers kick the habit. There are nicotine replacement treatments such as gum, drugs, skin patches as well as electronic cigarettes. Many people try hypnosis, meditation and life coaching to help them give up.

With the cost of a regular packet of 20 cigarettes topping £9.00, smokers stand to make huge financial savings by quitting cigarettes. Stopping outright for a 20-a-day smoker will now save them over £3000 per year. When you think of that statistic, it’s worth investing in a programme that will help you quit smoking for good.

Gum, patches and other medicated programmes can be paid for over the counter in chemists or via prescription from your GP. Doctors supportis also an important source of help when quitting. You can try hypnosis or psychiatry, exploring your addiction and trying to break the habit psychologically. As smoking becomes seen as increasingly antisocial, you might look to find a specialist in private psychiatry that can help you stop smoking. Learn more about private psychiatry here.

Others might try a life coach that can help you replace your smoking time with more practical or healthy pass-times. They will help you look at smoking triggers and provide advice on how to deal with those times without needing to light a cigarette. You can search for a life coach in your area on Google or another search engine via the Internet. Searching life coach Hertfordshire or life coach Leicestershire for example.

The savings made by quitting smoking can open up a huge amount of disposable income for consumers to spend in other areas of their life. If a couple smoking 20 cigarettes a day quit together, they could save over £6000 in a year, allowing them to splash out on upgrading their homes with luxury kitchens or loft conversions. Roof conversions in London are a great way to invest disposable income and add value and saleability to homes in an area where living space is at a premium.

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