Domain Authority

Domain Authority, Total Page Reputation PageRank and Google Positioning

The Google algorithm is a program that identifies positioning in the online search engine results pages. Google undertakes 90 % of worldwide web searches and 95 % of searchers will click on pages on Google’s leading outcomes page.

There are about 200 signals that the Google algorithm analyses. These can be divided into on-page factors and off page elements. The use of keywords (search terms) noticeable on the web page and in the underlying coding kind the bulk of on-page optimisation. They can be considered to be what the business states about itself.

Reputation counts for more in life and in the eyes of the online search engine than what you state about yourself. Incoming links to a website and to a particular webpage determine their credibilities. From Google’s point of view, reputation is associated with or closely associated with ‘authority’, ‘appeal’ and “value”.

Domain authority is among the more crucial consider the Google algorithm. It suggests the total value of inbound links to a website. Modern search engines place websites according to a mix of domain authority and websites authority (Viniker, 2011; Dover 2011). Domain authority depends upon the sum of the values of all the links can be found in to a website.

The principle of domain authority has actually been attributed to SEOMoz (now Moz). Moz uses its own complicated algorithm to determine its computation of Domain Authority. It is calculated by combining over 40 signals making use of “machine learning versus Google’s algorithm to best design how search engine outcomes are generated.” Given that the Google algorithm is just understood to Google we can just assume that the Moz algorithm works by changing the settings of the 40 signals to attempt to imitate the rankings as identified by the Google algorithm.

HomePage PageRank and Domain Authority. As internal pages typically have an associated with the HomePage of the website, all link juice entering the internet sites with inbound links streams to some extent to the HomePage. The HomePage PageRank is the only metric readily available from Google that indicates incoming link juice to a website and it is therefore the only metric offered to us of Domain Authority as seen by this search engine.

Why do websites on Wikipedia have the tendency to rank highly? They have really high Domain Authority– HomePage PageRank 9. The Moz computation of Domain Authority is hampered by 3 truths 1. Google does not reveal all the links that it indexes 2. Google may decrease the valued of some links such as those in footers. The scatter in between Moz Rank and PageRank is big with examples of Moz Rank at 6 and PageRank less than 1. 3. HomePages contending for keywords are improved in Google results pages like the handicap system in Golf.



Graph 2– right here.


Total Page Reputation

Total Page Reputation is the combination of PageRank of the Page and PageRank of the website’s HomePage. If the HomePage is competing for a keyword, the effective HomePage PageRank is increased to a minimum of 4.5


The Keyword SEO Pro technique finds the PR of the top pages on Google for a keyword and their associated HomePages and allows for the boost when the HomePage is competing.

The following image shows the PageRanks of the top 10 pages on for ‘magician kent’ and ‘private investigators London.


The page in position one for private investigators London is which has a PageRank 3 and an effective HomePage PageRank of 4.5 as it is a HomePage. The Total Page Reputation of this page is 7.5 The average Total Page Reputations of the top 10 pages is 5.8. The private investigators London website owners might wish to have additional keywords to target and to learn the monthly search volumes. The new Google keyword planner provides this information.

For magician Kent the first page has a PageRank of 0 and HomePage PageRank of 1 – Total Page Reputation of 1. The average Total Page Reputation for Magician Kent is 3.7. The average Total Page Reputations of the pages on the top page of Google for a keyword is the best indicator of keyword difficulty – the difficulty of achieving first page on Google. The magician in Kent might take advantage of having his website built either in Kent or by a web designer who also does SEO Essex work as Essex is close to Kent. His SEO experts will stress the importance of incoming links to increase domain authority.