doctors support groups gain in numbers

Doctors support groups gain in numbers

Doctors Support Group
Doctors Support Group

Doctors support groups are on the rise as the number of complaints to hospitals and patients and their families increasingly look for financial gain when treatments do not work as they hoped. The groups aim to allow doctors to share information and experience to help protect their careers and their future in the medical profession.

The objective of doctors support groups is to share and provide information to doctors so that they can protect themselves from serious complaints that can cause suspension or contract terminations. Most of these are fair and legitimate but there are occasions when NHS Trusts and hospitals use these complaints for what can be called ‘inappropriate’ reasons, for example to reduce the wage bill and reduce costs.

Doctors placed in a situation such as this would do well to have a specialist employment law solicitor to help manage their case as soon as the issue is raised. There are also specialist health employment law solicitors that have experience in handling cases where doctors are sacked or removed from positions after many years of faultless service to their profession. For most doctors, finding solicitors in London might be easier than in most places because it is home to the GMC and many medical institution head offices but doctor’s support groups would be able to recommend solicitors that have experience of working with others in the group.

A legal battle to save a doctor’s career can take many years if the employer is intent on cancelling their contract and can be a stressful time. doctor support groups are there to provide support and camaraderie amongst peers and colleagues but doctors would be well advised to seek stress reduction treatments and activities during the period of investigation and possible legal proceedings. Doctors might look to find a regular golf buddy and take to the green. They might also be advised to seek private psychiatry to deal with the mental distress of their situation.
Should the worst happen and the doctor finds he is unable to return to work or needs to look to a new career, there is plenty of support both at doctor’s support groups and through specialist career counselling and life coaches. Searching on google first page for a local life coach might be the best place to find one. For example searching for life coach Hertfordshire or life coach Lancashire. Others in the doctors support groups might have someone to recommend as well.