Keyword Tool is the driving idea behind innovative people, successful places, concepts and ideas.

The Internet has become the prime source of information. If you want the information you have made available to Internet users, your webpages must be Page1 On Google.

You must find a great keyword tool for every aspect of your effort to reach the top page of Google.

First website design is required to put your pages on the Internet. You must then determine keyword difficulty – the difficulty of achieving top page positioning for your keywords. Keyword SEO Pro is a technique and an automated program that determines keyword difficulty by webpage and domain authority by PageRank. The importance of PageRank is explained in more detail here. There are SEO courses that provide the information you need to achieve top page positioning.

Keyword Tool

A keyword tool is one relating to keywords. A keyword is a search term people use to find information. Business related websites wish to be found by searchers looking for the products or services that they offer.

An optimizer will have at least one keyword tool for every aspect of finding the best keyword suggestions, determining search volumes, keyword difficulty, optimising webpages for keywords and tracking ranking for the keywords.

Keyword Tool for Keyword Suggestions and Search Volumes

The Google Keyword Tool has been replaced by the Google Keyword Planner. The tool provides information from Google’s search database. In addition to keyword suggestions, it gives monthly search volumes according to country location. The first objective is to find keywords that people are looking for.

Keyword Tool for Keyword Difficulty

There is no point in targeting keywords where a website has no chance of top positioning on Google. Keyword difficulty is an indication of how difficult it is to achieve top page positioning on Google for a keyword. Positioning depends largely on the total value of incoming links to a webpage and website – Total Page Reputation.

Keyword SEO Pro indicates keyword difficulty according to the averaged Total Page Reputations of the webpages on the top page of Google for the keyword.

Keyword Tool – On-Page Optimisation of Webpages

Positioning on Google depends on reputation and relevance. For a page to be relevant for a keyword, that keyword should appear on the page and in the underlying coding. Modern search engines also look for synonyms and associated words.

A keyword search will demonstrate the importance of including the keyword in the Page title tag. The keyword should also appear at least once in the page text. There is a slight increase in relevance if the keyword is repeated but this diminishes to a plateau after a while. Repeating the keyword too many times makes it unnatural and spammy. At that point, there is a negative impact. Keyword density has been recommended by some as a guide to how many times the keyword should appear but Google tells us that this has no value.

Nobody knows how many times a keyword or the words in the keyword should appear on the page and in the various parts of the coding. There are many programs that make recommendations on improving on-page optimisation but it should be clear that they are at best guestimates. Older programs such as Internet Business Promoter and Website Auditor are being replaced by plugin tools such as SEOPressor, and EasyWPSEO that integrate into CMS authoring programs such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Keyword Tool for Ranking

RankTracker is an example of a keyword tool that will monitor positioning on search engines of a website for targeted keywords.


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